What I Learned From Wounded Warriors

For three years I served as the chaplain to the Wounded Warrior Regiment at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia. My job was to provide pastoral care to Wounded, Ill and Injured Marines (WII), their family members and the military and civilian staff who advocated and cared for them. It was a sacred privilege toContinue reading “What I Learned From Wounded Warriors”

Dead in the Head

My last assignment before retiring from the Navy was as senior chaplain to the Nuke School, where highly intelligent Sailors train to become Nuclear Operators. Although my earlier assignments afforded me variety-of-mission and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, this one made me “Mayor of Sad Pandaville” and gave me the opportunity to spend each day locked in aContinue reading “Dead in the Head”

Posing for my Statue

Metairie Cemetery looks like a miniature McMansionville. Every street is lined with houses for the dead, many far nicer than those often occupied by the living. Most are constructed of marble with carved accents and accompanying statuary. A few have elaborate stained-glass windows, which I find puzzling, since stained- glass can only be appreciated fromContinue reading “Posing for my Statue”

To Adult or Not to Adult: That Shouldn’t Be A Question

Back in the Dark Ages (when I was growing up) the word “adult” was a noun. It described a person who had transitioned from a dependent status, in which someone else was ultimately responsible for them, to that of an independent entity, responsible for themselves. An adult was something you became–no going back.   LatelyContinue reading “To Adult or Not to Adult: That Shouldn’t Be A Question”

A Letter for the Generations

To my grandchildren, on the day you each turn fifteen and a half: It might seem funny to be receiving a letter from me at your half-birthday, but by now Grandpa has probably clued you in that it is best just to humor me if what I do seems unusual…  That’s what he does… AndContinue reading “A Letter for the Generations”

It’s the Thought That Counts

“Is that smoke?” I wondered, as I read email in a room down the hall from my kitchen.   I paused for a moment and sniffed the air.  Curious, I stuck my head into the hallway.  The living room looked foggy.  Just then I remembered–dinner! I hurried to the kitchen, reaching there just in time toContinue reading “It’s the Thought That Counts”