A DUCK TALE (A Guest Post!)

This brief tutorial is dedicated to my former neighbor and longtime adversary Spike who was a particularly foul duck. A water fowl with a broad blunt bill, short legs, webbed feet and a waddling gate. A female duck is a hen. A male duck is a drake. A duck has waterproof feathers. A tiny gland near the tail produces oil which the duck uses to coat it’s feathers. Ducks in the water are referred to as rafts or paddlings. Ducks in flight are skeins or teams. Ducks on the ground are waddlings or flocks. By way of introduction I am Cdr. Laura Benders cousin Barbara Flock and yes that is my real name. Thanks for reading my first ever blog post.

One thought on “A DUCK TALE (A Guest Post!)

  1. Nice. Also read ‘The Same Flight’ which was quite moving. I couldn’t figure out how to ‘like them without creating a new account. Can’t do that now.Peace,Nancy Low

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