War in Pieces

Thanks to David L. Robbins, the Mighty Pen, the Virginia War Memorial and the Virgina Repertory Theatre for the opportunity to see our plays produced. My play is called “Living on a Prayer.” Getting some publicity ahead of opening night! https://richmondmagazine.com/arts-entertainment/stage-screen/mighty-pen-project-war-in-pieces/ https://www.broadwayworld.com/norfolk/article/Virginia-War-Memorial-Foundation-and-Virginia-Repertory-Theatre-Co-Produce-Four-New-One-Act-Plays-Written-by-Veterans-20230223https://urbanviewsrva.com/2023/02/28/war-in-pieces-four-one-act-plays-written-by-veterans/ https://www.audacy.com/mix981richmond/latest/virginia-war-memorial-foundation-and-virginia-repertory https://va-rep.org/_war-in-pieces-va-war-memorial.html See website for tickets if you are near Richmond, Virginia: https://tickets.va-rep.org/events

The Living Nativity

“Finally, it’s started,” Adriane said to those gathered in a lean-to on the far side of the church building. “Good, ‘cause I’m freezing,” said Peter. He pulled his long robe tighter. Over the wind, the sounds of laughter, mingled with the somewhat in-tune singing of Sunday School classes, wafted through the cracked-open back door ofContinue reading “The Living Nativity”

The Right Time

Chronos Tick—6 am alarm Tock—56-minute commute Tick—2 pm staff meeting Tock—40-year career Shove feet into shoes without untying. Run. Kairos The hint of sunlight at the horizon. Trees blossoming on the roadside. The value of working together. A life that matters. Savor. Notice. Retie shoes for a comfortable fit. Walk. Wander. Wonder. Chronos Tick—calendarize Tock—prioritizeContinue reading “The Right Time”

If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother

I checked my watch. “She’s late.” “Careful,” Maria said, “or the auctioneer will think you’re bidding.” “Not on these kids.” Three gangly teenagers holding gardening tools stood on the stage. “Have hoe, will travel!” announced the auctioneer. “How much will you bid to have your garden tilled and ready for your homegrown tomatoes?” As handsContinue reading “If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother”

Semper Fire

At 0615 I stood facing the open gym door at the University of Windsor, Ontario. The affixed sign announced in bright red marker “Moving One Step Beyond Your Fear.” I took a deep breath and propelled myself toward the group of people nervously chatting in the center of the large room. The Annual Phoenix PerformingContinue reading “Semper Fire”