The Right Time


Tick—6 am alarm

Tock—56-minute commute

Tick—2 pm staff meeting

Tock—40-year career

Shove feet into shoes without untying. Run.


The hint of sunlight at the horizon.

Trees blossoming on the roadside.

The value of working together.

A life that matters.

Savor. Notice. Retie shoes for a comfortable fit. Walk. Wander. Wonder.




Tick—Work through lunch.

Tock—“You can have 5 minutes.”

Chase happiness.


Look forward to the day.

Cherish. Discern.

Nourish. Breathe.

“I’m listening.”

Find joy.


The big hand is on 12, the little on 5.

Tell time.


The first kiss. Belly laughs. Grand adventures. The last goodbye.

Live time.

Copyright © 2022

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